3gp File Recovery Software : Restore Lost 3gp Video Files Back

People may sometimes loses video files from various digital devices either due to accidental deletion, formatting by mistake or other reason. It really upset them a lot when their favorite files stored gets lost or deleted off. Well but there is no need to worry as you can easily get them back if you have backup stored .
3gp is a widely used video files for any digital devices, but sometimes due to some unknown reason it get deleted up and people are no longer able to access them. Such important videos can be very important for them. But there is a still chance to retrieve them back with the help of a reliable video recovery software.


Common Reasons Behind Losing Video Files

Human errors: sometimes when user click on the “ Delete All” button while seeing them. It result in accidental deletion of such files. Sometimes user may even loses those video files by emptying their recycle bin too.

Accidental format: Accidentally formating the device also result in sudden lost of 3gp video files

Power cut while transferring files: Sometimes there occurs a sudden power upsurge while transferring files from one device to another which results in deletion of video files.

Memory card corrupted: Memory card may also get corrupted due to pulling of the memory card from the device, mishandling of the device etc which finally results in deletion of the files from it.


What to Do Then: Use 3gp Video Recovery Software

User can easily find lots of video recovery software available in the market which claims to recover all the lost files back. The 3gp recovery software is a reliable video recovery software which has advanced ability to recover any type of video files. It can easily restore the formatted data too. It even restore lost image which gets deleted due to human error as well. It also supports all Windows version such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003 etc. It scans the entire storage media and displays a complete preview of the deleted file. Then it restores them in a location as user suggest. Along with 3gp video files it also repairs and restores other files such as MP4, AVI, WMV etc.

User guide: How to use 3gp Video Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install 3gp recovery software and then immediately run the software. Then from the main interface click on the start scan button. Now connect your gadget to your system to restore all 3gp video files from your cell phone. Then open the software.

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Step 2: It is observed that all the list of all physical drives and external drives get displayed there. Choose the drive which you need to scan and then click on the “Start Scan” icon. An additional option that is “Advanced Scan” to customize the process on the basis of file types also displays there.

Step 3: The Advance Scan” option also allow you to do selective recovery based on video files which is to be restored. Now below the “File List” Tab, a list of supported file type appears. Select the desired file type for rescue and then click on the “start scan” button.



Step 4:We will see that the 3gp video recovery software scans the entire hard drive and also allow user to have preview of the recovered files before recovery process starts up. The recovered files then get displayed on the left side in a tree view mode.

Step 5:When scanning process completes over, it is observed that all the recovered files get stored in the folder on the based of the files types. In the left side of the software interface. From here you can easily select a file to check its preview.

Step 6: At last select those files which you want to recover from the scanned list and then click on the recover icon. We will see that all the selected files get stored in the location as user suggest.