Corrupted Video Recovery : How to Recover Corrupt 3gp Video Files

3gp is a video file format used to store various video files. It is easily supported by 3g mobile phones. As we know videos carry important part in human life as people want to store sweet part of their life so that they can easily see them whenever they want. But no one want to lose any of their stored video files. But sometimes there arises a situation when 3gp video files get corrupted due to several reason.

As we know that any stored video files does not get damaged itself. There are always some reason responsible for that. Some includes:

  • Damage of hard disk
  • Virus or Trojan infection
  • Improper shut down of the system
  • Ejecting the storage device while transferring files
  • Low battery etc.

Any of the reason mentioned above finally result in inaccessible for video files from storage device. But user can easily get their files back if they store a regular backup. Whereas if there is no backup, there is no other option better than a reliable than a corrupted video recovery tool. Though whatever may be the reason for corruption, any files does not get permanently deleted, the space becomes free to be reused for new files. Hence it is strictly recommended to stop using the device as there are major chances of old video files getting replaced by a new one.


Best Solution: 3GP Recovery Software

Nowadays most of the people uses 3GP formats for storing their video files in any storage gadget. But while using them, corruption is sure to occur. User becomes unable to access the files and suffer a problem of heavy data loss. But there is no need to worry as 3GP recovery software would definitely help you out in getting back those files from any device. It is a popular recovery software which works effectively in retrieving corrupt 3GP video files no matter whatever be the reason for corruption would be. It is easily available in both demo as well as licensed version. The demo version can be easily downloaded to see how efficiently it works. It scans the entire corrupted drive and then displays preview of the files which is to be recovered. Lastly it locates the files in a new location as per user desire.

User Guide: How to Use 3gp Recovery Software

You can easily retrieve your corrupted video files by following some easy steps given below:

Step 1: Download and install 3gp recovery software and then run the software. From the main interface click on the start scan button. Connect your gadget to your system to restore all 3gp video files from your cell phone. Then open the software.


Step 2: It is observed that all the list of all physical drives and external drives get displayed there. Choose the drive which you need to scan and then click on the “Start Scan” icon. An additional option that is “Advanced Scan” to customize the process on the basis of file types also displays there.


Step 3: The Advance Scan” option also allow you to do selective recovery based on video files which is to be restored. Now below the “File List” Tab, a list of supported file type appears. Select the desired file type for rescue and then click on the “start scan” button.

Step 4: We will see that the 3GP video recovery software scans the entire hard drive and also allow user to have preview of the recovered files before recovery process starts up. The recovered files then get displayed on the left side in a tree view mode.

Step 5: When scanning process completes over, it is observed that all the recovered files get stored in the folder on the based of the files types. In the left side of the software interface. From here you can easily select a file to check its preview.

Step 6: At last select those files which you want to recover from the scanned list and then click on the recover icon. We will see that all the selected files get stored in the location as user suggest.





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