Free 3gp Video Recovery: Complete Guide for Formatted 3gp Video Recovery

Accidentally formatted your 3gp video files? 3gp is a video file format that enable user to save video files easily. It is now being used in various device to store video files. But sometime user fails to access the storage device and get irritate a lot. Hence then there arises an immediate need to format the device. They later on realize that those formatted files may contain important files too. Hence it become a serious issue as recovery of formatted files is not an easy task.

Though there is still a chance of recovery of all lost 3GP videos if you store a regular backup of the formatted files. Well if not so, then go for a reliable recovery software for Free 3gp Video Recovery. Sometime people also end up accidentally formatting the memory card and as result loses all the files from it. But if you come across such data loss problem, immediately turn off your device and remove all the external device attached to it. it is also asked not to save any new files as there are major chances of overwriting of the original files. Now let us give you a complete Guide for formatted 3gp video recovery.


Use 3gp Video Recovery Software

3GP video recovery software can be easily used to recover formatted video files. It can recover any type of video file format such as AVI, MOV etc. It can easily recover video files from any storage device that is XD Card, SD card, CF card etc. It scan the entire storage device and then select the file which is to be recovered. Then click on the save option and you can easily get your file restored in your desired location. The software even does not require any technical help while performing the recovery process. It is compatible with all Mac versions that is Mac OS X , Snow leopard, Lion, Panther etc. The software also help in recovering those files which get accidentally deleted from the device.

User Guide: How to Use 3 GP Video Recovery Software

Use the following steps given below to retrieve your formatted 3GP video files:

Step 1: Download and install 3gp recovery software and then run the software. From the main interface click on the start scan button. Connect your gadget to your system to restore all 3gp video files from your cell phone. Then open the software.

Step 2: It is observed that all the list of all physical drives and external drives get displayed there. Choose the drive which you need to scan and then click on the “Start Scan” icon. An additional option that is “Advanced Scan” to customize the process on the basis of file types also displays there.

Step 3: The Advance Scan” option also allow you to do selective recovery based on video files which is to be restored. Now below the “File List” Tab, a list of supported file type appears. Select the desired file type for rescue and then click on the “start scan” button.

Step 4:We will see that the 3gp video recovery software scans the entire hard drive and also allow user to have preview of the recovered files before recovery process starts up. The recovered files then get displayed on the left side in a tree view mode.

Step 5:When scanning process completes over, it is observed that all the recovered files get stored in the folder on the based of the files types. In the left side of the software interface. From here you can easily select a file to check its preview.

Step 6: At last select those files which you want to recover from the scanned list and then click on the recover icon. We will see that all the selected files get stored in the location as user suggest.


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